This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

If the coronavirus has taught us anything it’s that we’re better together. This spirit of cooperation helped us flatten the curve, and now, as we restart the economy, it will be as important as ever.

Both businesses and consumers have a stake in the outcome. We must support one another. Stress is normal, so we need to make an extra effort to be patient and kind. Employers and employees keep your stores and offices clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces often.

Sick leave policies should be flexible. No one should be compelled to work when they’re ill. Masks should be worn, particularly when dealing with food and personal services. Businesses should have one steward to coordinate coronavirus efforts, and temperatures should be taken as employees arrive at work. Likewise, everyone should do an assessment before leaving home each day. If you are not feeling well, call your supervisor and then your medical professional.

Customers make sure to social distance and keep your mask on in public. If you’re feeling ill – or have been around someone who is – don’t go out. Contact your doctor. Everyone should sanitize their hands regularly, especially after exchanging money or products. If you are in an establishment, and concerned that best practices are not being followed, don’t hesitate to say something. In all things, be aware and be supportive. We’re going to get through this… together.

I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.