This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Wasatch Group is a fully integrated real estate development, construction, property management and guaranty capital company with holdings that include 15,085 apartments plus commercial properties with assets totaling over $4 billion. John Dahlstrom, executive vice president and general counsel of the Wasatch Group, is here to tell us more.

Today I would like to highlight the Wasatch Group Soleil Energy projects that have been the subject of a recent article in both the New York Times and the Salt Lake Tribune. These projects include the Soleil Lofts multifamily residential project in Herriman and the Soleil Technology Park office campus in West Valley City.

With a goal of reducing carbon emissions in the Salt Lake Valley and to provide a sustainable energy approach, Wasatch Group has been developing all-electric, zero-fossil-fuel developments for residential and commercial tenants. These cutting-edge projects use solar panels to charge high tech batteries in an agreement with Rocky Mountain Power to produce power for use in the project and to move surplus energy back to the grid. The system will allow for “peak shaving,” which uses power from the batteries during periods when the grid is under peak power usage periods to save on energy costs.

We are grateful for Wasatch Group’s effort to create sustainable living in Utah. For more information, visit I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.