The Salt Lake Chamber · Speaking on Business: Stay Safe to Stay OpenThis is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

We all remember successful campaigns to “stop smoking” and “buckle up” — safety campaigns to educate the public on better, healthier living. With this in mind, the Salt Lake Chamber has introduced “Stay Safe to Stay Open,” to offer resources and best practices to keep Utahns safe as we reactivate the economy.

“Stay Safe to Stay Open” is something we can do no matter what economic phase or color-coded risk guidance the state is in. Staying safe allows us to protect each other and reactivate the economy.

If we stay safe, our businesses can stay open. This requires cooperation. Both businesses and customers must practice good hygiene. Businesses must assure that high-touch surfaces are sterilized frequently. Everyone should be comfortable wearing masks and protective gloves, especially when social distancing is difficult. Business should take temperatures of employees when they arrive for their shifts, and never force an employee to come in sick. Customers need to consider safety of the staff and other patrons. If you are ill don’t go out.

The Salt Lake Chamber created a clearinghouse of resources that will be updated regularly to help Utah Stay to Stay Open. Visit the Chamber site at Remember we are in this together!

I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is “Speaking on Business.”