This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Liquid fuels drive our economy. They enable development and growth and provide for economic opportunity. Adam Suess of Sinclair Oil is here to talk about the fuels that Sinclair provides and highlight recent advancements.


Sinclair relentlessly pursues a safe, reliable, responsible operation to ensure a sustainable future for customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate. For these reasons, we are always looking for ways to produce better products. For many years now, Sinclair has exclusively sold Top Tier gasoline, which meets the country’s premier fuel performance standard. This gasoline is cleaner and translates to greater overall efficiency.

Recently Sinclair made its gasoline even better. Through significant investments at both of our production facilities, Sinclair now also produces and supplies Tier 3 gasoline, which is something that we are very proud of. Tier 3 gasoline reduces tailpipe emissions by up to 80 percent and goes a long way toward improving the quality of the air we breathe.

At Sinclair, we really care about our customers. Our hope is that these investments in, and improvements to, our products make their lives better.


Sinclair Oil is a family-owned company that has been a part of our community for decades. It is now one of the oldest continuous brands in the industry, and its green dinosaur is beloved across the country. Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.