This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

Community partners have come together to create the Hope Corps, an expansive, student-led effort to support Utah’s recovery from COVID-19. The Hope Corps is a statewide effort to engage Utah’s best and brightest with small businesses, non-profits and other community initiatives.  Here to tell us more is Taylor Randall, Dean of the David Eccles School of Business, whose team is coordinating the effort.


Utah has weathered this pandemic and the associated economic impacts extremely well, but we know that some businesses and individuals are falling through the cracks. At the same time, we’ve seen 70 percent of our graduating seniors have changes to their summer plans due to the pandemic. The Hope Corps seeks to pair these two important needs together to assist and lift the businesses and people of Utah and strengthen our state’s overall recovery.  We’ve partnered with organizations like the Salt Lake Chamber, Utah Community Builders, and more to understand the needs in the community as well as with business schools from throughout Utah to truly make a statewide impact.  So far, more than 200 students have applied to the Hope Corps, and we’re placing them with new opportunities every week. Stay safe, we’ll get through this together.


The Hope Corps is a great example of how the passion and ingenuity of young people can make a difference in our community. More details are available at I’m Derek Miller, and this is Speaking on Business.