With over 30 years of experience mastering the art of outdoor cooking, Traeger Wood Pellet Grills is a local company inspiring people around the world to focus on what matters most: family, friends, flavor, and the food that brings us together. Here is Traeger’s Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Andrus to tell us more.


During these unprecendented times, there’s one thing I know: good food equals a good mood. Traeger has a platform to help people around the world cook incredible food, so we figured out a way to take it to the next level by opening our creative cookbook if you will…

We’re sharing new content daily, like cooking with pantry staples and $10 BBQ meals to feed the family; we’ve launched a weekly cooking class with world-renowned chefs and pitmasters who answer questions live; we made a coloring cookbook for kids (and the kids at heart); we even launched the Traeger App full of recipe videos and pro tips so you can perfect those cooking skills – and it’s all for free on Traegergrills.com.


A local company with a big mission, Traeger brings people together to create a more flavorful world. They believe now, more than ever, is a time to celebrate the simple things in life like our friends, family and the food that brings us together. I’m Derek Miller from the Salt Lake Chamber and this is Speaking on business.