This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Amazon has over 5,000 employees across Utah. And the company continues to grow, creating quality jobs with great pay and benefits that start on day one. Ben Anderson, general manager of Amazon’s newest Utah Fulfillment Center in West Jordan, is here to tell us what they’re doing.


Amazon is proud to be a member of the Salt Lake City community, and we are excited to expand to areas like West Jordan and American Fork. Keeping our employees safe is Amazon’s top priority. We have made over 150 significant process changes and invested over $800 million in the first half of the year to ensure the health and safety of our teams.

As we anticipate the holiday season, we encourage anyone looking for a job to consider joining our Amazon team. There is something for everyone as we pick, pack, and ship orders to customers throughout Utah and around the world. Amazon offers opportunities, resources, and support to employees who want to build long-term careers with us. Likewise, we offer various upskilling programs such as our innovative Career Choice program that prepays 95% of your tuition to pursue careers in twenty in-demand fields like nursing and web development.


Amazon continues to be a vital partner in Utah’s economic growth, and the company encourages candidates interested in joining the team to visit for more information. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.