This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. There wasn’t a playbook in place for how to handle the pandemic, but Layton Construction created their own. COO Paul Drecksel is here to share how they’ve tackled the issues.

Paul Drecksel

We formed a COVID task force comprised of employees from across the country that met weekly (virtually) for the first five months of the pandemic. The task force continues to meet biweekly to discuss safety protocols, impacts on business, and brainstorm what we can do better. Fortunately, construction was deemed essential in almost all of our markets. Many of our support teams moved to work from home, but our project teams stayed fully operational, following strict protocols to ensure safety. We worked more than 13 million hours on projects in more than 20 states since the pandemic started. Right away, we learned to be nimble and informed, adjusting our safety protocols as federal and local health agencies regularly revise their restrictions. Our employees, customers, and subcontractors have sincerely bought into helping the company continue to work safely. Communication, mental health, and happiness are critical when co-workers are not physically in the same location. We’ve encouraged managers to reach out regularly to employees simply to see how they and their families are doing under these trying circumstances.

Derek Miller

Layton Construction has set a high standard for success. Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.