This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Bridge is an end to end learning and performance management platform that helps employees and managers transform their organization through Connected Learning; Performance Alignment; and Career Growth. John Knotwell, General Manager of Bridge, is here to share how to build people-first workplaces.


At Bridge, we know that people matter most, and we work to help companies and everyone working feel more connected to the work and each other. Today, it’s important to establish a remote-first company culture that promotes connection, alignment, and growth.

Since 2015, Bridge has helped nearly a thousand organizations – including many, right here in Utah – and millions of employees learn, perform, and grow. There are a few things to do in order to build a thriving company culture – and they translate well to remote work.

  1. Be intentional – Set clear goals with teams and be present during remote check-ins. Showing up for each other is so important.
  2. Put people first – It’s as simple as that. Ensure people know they are valued and connect them to resources to help them succeed.
  3. Look ahead – Focus on the present, but help people see what they are working toward.

People matter most and we remain committed to helping companies build better cultures, especially now.


Working remotely has certainly highlighted the importance of workplace culture and a connected, purposeful environment. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.