This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Westminster College is a private, non-profit, independent university providing education through a liberal arts lens. President Bethami Dobkin is here to share how Westminster College is open and serving through the pandemic.

President Dobkin

Westminster is a unique place, and we pride ourselves on being a collaborative and engaged community. We’re small, nimble, and responsive to our students. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve never really shut down. We looked to the future and started health and safety measures long ago, from policies around travel, face coverings, and social distancing to establishing rapid, point of care testing for students and key personnel. We have contact tracers and quarantine and isolation residences for students as needed.

Westminster is currently holding undergraduate and graduate classes on campus, either in person, remotely, or a combination. We’ve instituted safety procedures, adjusted indoor spaces, created outdoor classrooms, and provided technology allowing students the option of the in-person experience or participating remotely. We’ve managed the virus well, but we’ve kept in mind that it has taken a personal toll, and often disproportionately, on our students, staff, and faculty. We know the importance of being flexible and practicing patience, grace, and empathy during this challenging time. I credit our success to our faculty, staff, and students, who recognize the value and impact of a Westminster education.

Derek Miller

Westminster is excelling at providing outstanding education during a pandemic. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.