This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Boojum Group is a leader in Utah’s medical cannabis industry. In addition to manufacturing their own medical and hemp-infused products, Boojum Group offers private label manufacturing, distribution and merchandising services for others looking to create a brand in the industry. Boojum Group’s president and co-founder, Dashiel Kulander, is here to tell us more.

During this stressful time, people are turning to medical cannabis and hemp-infused products for help. At Boojum, everything we do is for our patients. We aim to deliver the best possible experience with our brand and products. Our goal through COVID-19 has been to assure that Utah patients are able to continue getting the products they need. For that reason, we’ve taken the Salt Lake Chamber’s “Stay Safe to Stay Open” pledge and have created a strict internal COVID-19 protocol. We’ve also worked to create efficiencies in business operations and investments in manufacturing equipment, which has allowed us to bring down prices for patients who might be financially struggling during the pandemic. We’re proud that in the early days of the pandemic we began producing hand sanitizer to address shortages and have been donating to local organizations. Contact us at if your organization is in need of hand sanitizer.

Boojum Group is a Utah business creating products at a lower price point for customers while staying safe. Visit for more information. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.