This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. “Keys to Success” is a Success in Education Foundation program sponsored by Ken Garff. It provides Utah students with an online college and career readiness tool filled with dozens of helpful resources. Rick Folkerson, president of the Success in Education Foundation, is here to tell us more.

Rick Folkerson

When the pandemic hit, one thing that did not change is our commitment to motivate Utah students to engage in their future. We are fully confident in our ability to continue supporting students and teachers through these unsure times. In fact, the Keys to Success platform is designed to thrive in situations like this.

Our Keys to Success app provides a virtual counselor in students’ pockets to help them navigate their future. When students select their Top 5 Careers, the app provides them with a personalized list of scholarships, internships, and other career opportunities. Students can track their progress, receive notifications, explore CTE pathways available at their school, and use additional resources for ACT Prep and filling out the FAFSA application.

As students interact with the app, they can earn points to redeem a variety of prizes. Parents can also engage with their student’s future, goals, and career interests.

Derek Miller

The Keys to Success program remains committed to providing scholarships, internships, and other career opportunities to students across the state. Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.