This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. COP Construction, a Montana-based heavy civil and infrastructure general contractor, is celebrating 25 years since opening its Utah branch. Glen Perry, COO of COP Construction, tells us how they are managing the COVID-19 crisis.

Being in the heavy civil and infrastructure construction business, COP Construction was designated early in the pandemic as an essential business. That designation came with great responsibility, and we had to act quickly to create policies and procedures to keep our people healthy and safe. Our core value has always been safety, and during COVID-19, it has continued as the primary focus – one we’ve achieved in our Utah and Montana offices through constant and proactive communication, as well as evaluation and education – all while being flexible to daily policy changes.
One concern has been that with so much attention focused on the dangers of COVID, we can lose sight of even greater dangers on our construction projects. To meet this challenge, we are aggressively managing both – increasing attention to worksite safety and assuring protection against the pandemic – all while striving to maintain excellent relations with project owners, engineers, subcontractors, and our suppliers.

COP Construction is a leader when it comes to safe, quality, and successful projects. Their example can inform and inspire others, especially during this pandemic. To learn more about what the company is doing, visit I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.