This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. As many companies are reducing in size due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the corporate law firm Durham Jones & Pinegar is expanding – recently announcing that they will be combining with Dentons to become the world’s largest law firm known as Dentons Durham Jones Pinegar. Its president, Todd Leishman, is here to tell us about it.

Todd Leishman

These days companies are facing dynamic, constant, and accelerated change. Our combination with Dentons is a testament to Durham Jones & Pinegar’s commitment to helping our clients navigate this new normal – constantly finding ways to support their needs and interests.

COVID-19 has shown us that we can continue to offer our clients the attention and service they deserve and have come to expect from our firm. To keep them safe, we have joined the State’s “Stay Safe to Stay Open” campaign. To protect their professional interests, we have combined to become Dentons Durham Jones Pinegar to allow us to retain our roots in the community while providing our clients access to the largest global network legal experts who can help them navigate these challenging times.


Durham Jones & Pinegar was one of the first to take the Stay Safe to Stay Open pledge – a great example of what has made Utah a model for the country as we continue to sustain and grow a strong economy. More details are available at I’m Derek Miller, and this is Speaking on Business.