This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Coronavirus has had an unanticipated effect of creating greater demand for new homes across the country. That’s brought with it an interesting set of challenges for the community building industry. Cameron Jackson, director of marketing at Daybreak Communities, is here to tell us more.


At Daybreak Communities, we’ve found new ways to safely interact with the public. One of those is our participation in the “Stay Safe to Stay Open” campaign with the Salt Lake Chamber and Utah Department of Health. We’ve also had to figure out how to keep new homesites and construction going amid COVID-19 related delays that affect everything—from wood to refrigerators.

Residents of Daybreak have rediscovered their community during this time. Families are spending more time at the park because it’s so convenient to home. Conference calls are taking place on beautiful trails instead of at the office. And neighborhood restaurants are thriving as diners stay closer to home. Navigating this pandemic has emphasized the role that smart community design plays in shaping the places where we spend our time, and that the development decisions we make today have an impact on our future.


Daybreak Communities is a leader in design living and one of many Utah businesses that has signed the pledge to keep our businesses safe so our economy can stay open. Please join them at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.