This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

During these uncertain times, technology has kept us connected even when we’re apart, and people are relying on communications systems, like AT&T, more than ever before. Here to tell us about what AT&T is doing is Tara Thue, AT&T state president for Utah.


In Utah, we’ve had our share of challenges: COVID, earthquakes, hurricane force winds and even wildfires.  Through it all, AT&T’s commitment to keep people and communities safe and connected has never been stronger. And our network has performed well.

Keeping people safe and connected, however, goes beyond technology. That’s why AT&T has engaged in a company-wide effort called “Believe”. “Believe” harnesses our employees’ engagement, supports it with company resources and joins with local collaborators to drive positive outcomes for those who depend on us.

On September 30, we launched “Believe Salt Lake” with a virtual event for employees and their families, and we highlighted two of our community partners – Encircle and SafeUT – both who are providing critical mental wellness services and assets throughout the state.

In November, we will partner with the Salt Lake Chamber for another “Believe Salt Lake” virtual event that will address issues common across all communities and how we can achieve positive outcomes related to social and economic equality.


To learn more about AT&T “Believe” and how to participate in the upcoming “Believe Salt Lake,” Go to ATT Believe on the internet. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.