This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. With a mission to lead Utah’s international business development, World Trade Center Utah has pivoted its programming during COVID-19 to assist more Utah companies than ever before. Miles Hansen, president and CEO of World Trade Center Utah is here to share how the organization has accomplished this and why international outreach is so important right now.

Miles Hansen

We’ve found that even though companies are not currently able to travel abroad to conduct business, the recent influx and acceptance of virtual communication has opened new doors. For example, since March, we have conducted virtual trade missions to India, Israel, and Canada in which Utah companies who otherwise could not have engaged in international travel are able to meet directly with government and industry leaders from other markets.

International outreach is crucial in times of economic uncertainty. In 2009, small and medium-sized businesses that exported had more than twice the total revenue of their non-exporting counterparts. Also, as the chair of the Governor’s Economic Response Task Force’s Federal Committee, World Trade Center Utah has led an aggressive statewide public awareness campaign and created a team of more than volunteers to provide assistance to over two thousand small businesses.

Derek Miller

Our state is fortunate to have excellent resources for our business community, and World Trade Center Utah is open to help you with even your most ambitious objectives.  I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.