This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Before the pandemic, most of us probably didn’t give much thought to how an online order arrived at our door or whether there would be toilet paper on store shelves. But for the Utah Inland Port Authority, thinking about supply chains is their business. Jack Hedge is the Executive Director of the Port Authority and he’s here to share the unique opportunity Utah has to keep goods moving into the next century.


One-third of Utah’s GDP, employment, and incomes are dependent on the logistics industry – and those numbers are only expected to grow. But as we’ve witnessed in 2020, an unknown shock to the supply chain can disrupt the balance of our global logistics network and our daily lives.

The Utah Inland Port Authority’s job is to support the logistics systems that are the backbone of the economy. That means using Utah’s geographical advantages and optimizing the rail, road, and air infrastructure already in place to make cargo movement more efficient and more sustainable for generations to come.

Logistics is at an inflection point with disruptive technologies revolutionizing the industry. Utah is the place to foster that innovation – to stay safe, to stay stocked, and to stay smart.


We are excited about the unprecedented vision for statewide logistics that benefits all of Utah and look forward to progress with the Inland Port. I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is Speaking on Business.