This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Affordable housing in Utah can be hard to come by, and during the Coronavirus pandemic things seem more uncertain than ever. CW Group is a real estate development firm focused on creating affordable housing in Southern Utah and along the Wasatch Front. Here’s Colin Wright, owner of the CW Group, to tell us more.


For the past 36 months, CW Group has been working to create affordable housing in Southern Utah as well as constructing vacation homes under the name Cole West Home. We are best known for our work at Coral Canyon, The Ledges, Brio and Desert Color. Along the Wasatch Front, we value our role as a land development and urban redevelopment company. Because homebuilders in the Salt Lake City area are starving for residential lots, we are very active in downtown SLC, with over 500 units under construction.

Due to COVID-19, we saw a pause in all of our business lines in March and April and we weren’t sure how the market would respond. However, we were fortunate to see record-high demand May through July. Utah is a haven that investors, business and residents are searching for during these times, and we’re honored to do our part.


CW Group works hard to create homes for Utahns across the state and we are grateful for their efforts during these unprecedented times. More details are available at I’m Derek Miller, and this is Speaking on Business.