This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. When COVID-19 hit Utah, many businesses began working remotely. One of these businesses, the Summit Group, has found creative ways to keep employees and clients connected and active during this time. With more of what the Summit Group is doing, here is founder and CEO Bill Paulos.


As a digital marketing agency, many of our functions such as programming design and content development can be done efficiently at home. At the Summit Group, we are fortunate that many of our business-to-business clients such as Microsoft and Amazon have actually been even more active since March. Because of this, we our staff has pivoted to accommodate our extra busy clients and meet their most demanding requirements . We are proud to serve clients throughout the world from our home in Salt Lake.

Additionally, we have done all we can to keep our team connected to each other during the pandemic. This includes weekly trivia games, cookie deliveries to homes, virtual socials and even a few physically distanced picnics in the park for our Salt Lake City based team. We have daily check-in calls for everyone in the agency so we can all feel as connected to our work and each other as possible.


The Summit Group is another wonderful example of how Utah companies are taking care of both clients and employees. More details about the Summit Group are available at I’m Derek Miller, and this is Speaking on Business.