This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business.

The Economic Response Task Force developed an accountability framework as part of the Utah Leads Together plan. The goal is to focus on and redouble our efforts around the mission to minimize sickness and death from COVID-19, while protecting long-term social and economic health throughout the State.

This mission is broken into two master goals: on the health side the goal is to achieve a case fatality rate of less than 1%; on the economic front we are targeting a true unemployment rate of 4.5%.

To achieve these two strategic objectives, we are concentrating on three data-driven targets under each goal – to measure and monitor case counts and keep them under 500/day, address prevention at super-spreader sites, and keep ICU utilization under 85% capacity.

On the economic side, to hit the benchmark unemployment rate of 4.5%, we are targeting a return of consumer confidence, increased job placement to reduce weekly unemployment claims by 10%, and providing job training programs to those affected by the pandemic. As we focus on and track these six objectives, we will balance health and economic goals.

Another important objective is to reduce new cases among our minority populations to the proportion of the larger population.

Together, we can achieve these metrics that the state has put front and center for a balanced approach to recovery. And we encourage all businesses to take the Stay Safe to Stay Open pledge at

I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, and this is “Speaking on Business.”