Prominent radio program “Speaking on Business” returns to KSL drivetime Wednesday with Salt Lake Chamber president and CEO Derek Miller as host

Salt Lake City, Utah (March 25, 2020) – Salt Lake Chamber President Derek Miller becomes the new voice of KSL’s popular “Speaking on Business,” beginning Wednesday, March 26.  Zions Bank gifted the brand to the Chamber, passing the torch once held by Fred Ball and Chris Redgrave to Miller, who becomes the third spokesperson for the popular program that has run consistently for more than two decades.

“Twenty-three years ago Zions Bank launched ‘Speaking on Business’ as a way to support our local businesses and highlight the good business does in our community,” said Scott Anderson, President and CEO of Zions Bank. “We are excited now to have the Salt Lake Chamber, as Utah’s voice of business, carry this legacy into the future.”

In taking over the program Miller said, “tradition and heritage are important to me, and I know what a legacy ‘Speaking on Business’ represents in our community. Working with members of the Chamber family and other business and communities leaders, we will ensure the program continues to inform and inspire as it showcases Utah and all the good employers and employees are doing for individuals and families in communities across the state.”

Anderson expressed appreciation to founding host Ball and Redgrave for their stewardship. “As we make this transition, I pay tribute to Fred Ball and Chris Redgrave, who carried the program through its first two decades,” he said, adding “I believe Derek, as a thoughtful leader in the community, is the right person at this time to usher in a new era for ‘Speaking on Business.’”

According to Miller, as the program is reintroduced it will have a special purpose — “to provide a voice of support, information, inspiration and hope for Utah as we confront the coronavirus,” he said. “To achieve this, we have rushed it into production, even recording the inaugural show via mobile phone to protect each other and our community from possible contagion.”