Dear Colleagues,

Several of us in the Capitol spent hours tonight pouring through the results of the non-compete agreement research study.  To our knowledge, the study was exhaustive in nature and an unprecedented approach by any state in researching non-compete agreements.

We are heartened that the data confirms the merit of our attention to this important issue for Utah’s economy. The results of the study demonstrate that last year’s bill is working well, addresses important concerns from both sides of the issue, and strikes a balance between protecting the interests of both employees and employers.

We have worked hard to build a consensus-based approach. We are dedicated to continuing this collaborative process. The research results are comprehensive and showed areas of overlapping interests. This issue matters to many.  Rather than running legislation on non-compete agreements this year, myself and Rep. Hawkes remain committed to working with our group and other stakeholders to utilize this research and to build the optimal solution for Utah’s long-term economic health.


Mike Schultz
Utah House Representative District 12