Last fall, the Salt Lake Chamber released a new report which outlines suggestions on how the State can improve Utah’s premier business climate through regulation reform. The Cost of Doing Business: Improving Utah’s Regulatory System report details limitations within Utah’s existing administrative rules process and important areas where the State has room for improvement.

A critical component of this report was identifying the need to improve transparency and oversight by modernizing and investing in This process was already underway through the Department of Administrative Services and the new and improved site was officially released earlier this year.  

The website enables businesses to actively participate in their own government by supporting agency rulemaking and ensuring agency compliance with the Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act. Specifically, business leaders can access:

  • Effective rules issued by agencies of the state of Utah;
  • Notices of proposed rules, emergency rules, five-year review, effective date, and other executive branch notices, and;
  • Research past rules.

The most critical element of the website is the Utah State Bulletin. Which is Utah’s equivalent to the Federal Register. The Bulletin includes proposed rules, rule analyses, notices of effective dates, and review notices. It also includes public notices and the Governor’s executive documents. The Bulletin typically contains the full text of administrative rules. It is an electronic publication that is issued on the 1st and 15th of each month. 

The Chamber was able to speak to the Office of Administrative Rules about some of the major changes and discuss what features businesses might be excited about. The Office of Administrative Rules identified some goals within their own department, such as cutting down some of the more text-heavy portions of their site and to making access to the Utah Administrative Code and the Utah State Bulletin as easy as possible. The website update accomplished these goals and more.

Business leaders should have a substantially improved user experience with a cleaner site design and a more robust search function to navigate the rulemaking process. This makes accessing the Utah State Bulletin and submitting comments easier than ever.

Moving forward the department is looking forward to integrating the office’s website with the new version of eRules, the online filing and publication system.

The goal of the new website is to keep all citizens informed in regards to the Office of Administrative Rules. If you have any specific questions about the new site or any feedback you may contact Mike Broschinsky at