The Salt Lake Chamber and Utah Department of Health launch mobile campaign from Smith’s Food & Drug 

Salt Lake City, UT (October 1, 2020) – The Salt Lake Chamber launched the next phase of a statewide effort to share a message of public health best practices that businesses can sign-on to follow. Those businesses that join the effort receive digital and physical collateral including a seal of approval they can display to their customers.

“This is the quality of Utah — innovation and engagement — and I am here today to ask all of our business leaders across the state to sign the pledge.  It is a voluntary commitment to follow basic public health guidance,” said Governor Herbert. “We do not want to compel, we do not want to resort to restrictions and regulations.  We simply ask that everyone go to and join us in this important initiative.”

The statewide campaign aims to raise consumer confidence and instill a culture of safety throughout the workplace so businesses can remain safe and open. Business owners, managers, and employees who follow the seven basic public health best practices can take the pledge and have their business showcased in a Stay Safe to Stay Open directory. This directory will serve as a type of Angie’s List for companies who commit to remain safe and open.

“In the first few months of the program, we have had thousands of businesses join the cause, promising to take the steps necessary to protect themselves, their customers and employees. We have been pleased by the response, as well as the positive effect it has had on consumer confidence,” said Derek Miller, President and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance. “The State has now asked us to take this campaign to the next level, where dozens of Ambassadors will be mobilized across Utah — many in these colorful vans and others through telecommunications, email, and personal outreach.”

The “Stay Safe to Stay Open” campaign is a partnership between the Salt Lake Chamber and the Utah Department of Health.  Distribution partners include regional chambers throughout the state, as well as partnerships with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the World Trade Center, the Suazo Business Center, the Downtown Alliance, Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah, the Utah Retail Merchants and Utah Food Associations, as well as the Utah Safety Council.

“When the Chamber developed this voluntary pledge and seal of approval process we were excited to partner.  It was an easy decision — the opportunity to show our consumers and employees that we care about them and their safety during these challenging times,” said Aubriana Martindale, Corporate Affairs Manager of Smith’s Food & Drug. “And the very message of the campaign was so clear — that by keeping each other safe, we would be able to keep the economy open.  Without hesitation, we signed up our stores throughout Utah, and that has been invaluable.”

The Stay Safe to Stay Open campaign will visit towns across Utah. To learn more about this initiative please visit