All too often, we see a pattern of negligence in terms of our scrutiny towards cybersecurity. It’s easy to brush off, postpone, or even turn a cold shoulder, but Utah’s business community must recognize that cybersecurity is a risk that affects all organizations from Fortune 500s to small street corner businesses.

Inaction has a cost. It’s estimated that small and medium sized businesses face an average of $38,000 in recovery expenses from a breach, while large enterprises are paying a staggering $551,000 to recover from a security breach.

Cyber incidents are inevitable. Nevertheless, most companies don’t have a plan for how to react to a cyber attack.

Recognizing the impact of this issue, the Salt Lake Chamber is assuming an active role in educating the business community on the shared responsibility of cybersecurity.

This past month the Salt Lake Chamber became an official partner of the STOP.THINK.CONNECT. a global online safety awareness campaign that aims to increase and reinforce awareness of cybersecurity (including the associated risks and threats) and provide solutions for increasing cybersecurity.

The Chamber will also be participating in October’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, hosting Cybersecurity Solutions | A discussion on Cybersecurity’s Impact on your business.

We encourage you to attend our Cybersecurity event and stay engaged with the Chamber during Cybersecurity Awareness Month.