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16 10, 2020

Julie Youle-Lenoch: Losing My Mentor, Taught Me To Be One

By |2020-10-22T12:34:02-07:00October 16th, 2020|Blog, BWF|0 Comments

Sitting on the floor in my parents' almost empty home, I look through the black and white Polaroids of my childhood, mostly, with my Father, memories flow through my mind as if it was only yesterday. I lost my Dad this summer, an occurrence that I never believed would ever happen to me. He was [...]

6 05, 2020

Julie Youle-Lenoch: Will I Be Good Enough Again

By |2020-05-06T14:49:52-07:00May 6th, 2020|Blog, BWF, Policy|Comments Off on Julie Youle-Lenoch: Will I Be Good Enough Again

Will I be good enough again? My emotions daily areā€”fear to anger, anger to jealousy, jealousy back to fear, will the emotional wavelengths come to a calmer tide, as we maneuver through this pandemic? The hotel industry, which I have been in for 30 years, came to a crashing halt as the coronavirus spread from [...]

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