Target River, a marketing agency headquartered out of Salt Lake City, has recently been recognized as the “Best Target Marketing Company” of 2022. Target River has spearheaded several successful campaigns in many states due to its innovative marketing strategy to assist clients nationwide, including businesses, non-profit organizations, school districts, and government departments. Target River was previously honored with this title for 2020 and has been once again recognized.

This award was received from Global Business Insight Magazine. The magazine describes itself as a “knowledge sharing platform designed for and committed to sharing the latest business news.” The magazine awards successful businesses each year across various categories based on in-depth studies, analysis, and a voting system to determine which companies should be awarded for their innovative efforts in the business industry. More information on the Global Business Insight Award Program can be found here.

Target River Founder and CEO Brian Epperson has completed work for many clients in California, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and Utah. Brian developed a unique marketing strategy entitled the “Who, What, How” method to increase targeted outreach in campaigns.

Target River has also been recognized as a Top 10 Google Advertising and Marketing Partner in 2022. Assisting clients nationwide, including businesses, non-profit organizations, school districts, and even government departments, Target River has spearheaded several successful campaigns in Utah due to its innovative marketing strategy.

The State of Utah recently recognized Target River as the top full-service advertising agency for government work. When working with the Utah State Government departments, Target River was approved to do work in 14 unique marketing categories. Of the 45 agencies that submitted for consideration with the State, only 18 received approval. The agency with the second-most marketing categories accepted, behind Target River, was only approved for 5.

As a Salt Lake-based firm, Target River is seeking opportunities to work with more clients in Utah. Brian describes Target River as a “hidden gem” in Utah due to the agency’s unique “Who, What, How” method. Target River hopes to continue establishing itself as Utah’s true top full-service marketing agency as it works with more local and state clients.

Brian is available for meetings, interviews, and other discourse to discuss the methods that led Target River to receive these awards. For more information, go to For further scheduling, please email