The Small Business Administration is seeking input from the public to identify the burdensome regulations that need to be repealed, replaced, or modified. As explained on the SBA website, you can make a difference by telling your story and guiding government in their pursuit to cut unnecessary or ineffective rules that stifle business.

To take an active role in creating a better business environment, please visit and submit a formal comment. Your feedback is essential to streamlining our nation’s regulations and the Salt Lake Chamber encourages you to make your voice heard.

Questions to guide your comment include:

  1. Are there SBA regulations that have become unnecessary or ineffective and, if so, what are they?
  2. Are there SBA regulations that can be repealed without impairing SBA’s regulatory programs and, if so, what are they?
  3. Are there SBA regulations that have become outdated and, if so, how can they be modernized to better accomplish their regulatory objectives?
  4. Are there SBA regulations that are still necessary, but which have not operated as well as expected such that a modified approach is justified, and what is that approach?
  5. Are there SBA regulations or regulatory processes that are unnecessarily complicated or could be streamlined to achieve regulatory objectives more efficiently?
  6. Are there any technological developments that can be leveraged to modify, streamline, or repeal any existing SBA regulatory requirements?
  7. Are there any SBA regulations that are not tailored to impose the least burden on the public?
  8. How can SBA best obtain and consider accurate, objective data about the costs, burdens, and benefits of existing SBA regulations?
  9. Are there any specific suggestions of ways SBA can better achieve its regulatory objectives?

These questions may be technical, but remember, the essence of this exercise is to tell your story. Simply share your experience and assist the SBA in identifying rules and regulations that make doing business more difficult.

Please post your comment before October 16, 2017.