The Downtown Alliance

The Downtown Alliance (DTA) is a 501c6 nonprofit organization established in 1991, and is dedicated to building a dynamic and diverse community that is the regional center for culture, commerce and entertainment. DTA is the nexus of public and private sector interests in building a successful downtown and facilitating dialogue and understanding between diverse stakeholders.

DTA represents more than 2,500 business and property owners in the Central Business District of Salt Lake City, which is bounded by North Temple, Interstate-15, 400 South, and 300 East. DTA serves as an advocate for small business, which accounts for a majority of employment and industry in the state.

The Downtown Alliance sponsors the following programs:

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The DTA also participates in homeless outreach, develops an annual benchmark report, promotes advocacy and urban exploration, brings media coverage to the state’s urban core and raises awareness for major events taking place in downtown Salt Lake City.

Community Impact

The Downtown Alliance is actively engaged in community building, programming and relations. As the unifying voice of the central business district, the DTA establishes a consensus driven environment that has numerous voices – private, public and religious. The DTA helps act as an advocate for the business community by creating communal understanding around the complexities of an intra-connected district economy.

The Downtown Farmers Market is celebrating its 25th year of providing opportunities for the community to support the local food movement. The Downtown Farmers Market exists to strengthen and support small local farms and businesses as they bring their products directly to the public. The Market serves as a business incubator and has produced many successful start-up businesses leading to the creation of new jobs.

The DTA  is also passionate about combating homelessness. The DTA serves as a leading partner of the Homeless Outreach Support Team (HOST). The DTA created additional HOST meters, which give money directly to shelters rather than panhandlers and mailed 8,000 “10 Ways to Help” flyers supported the creation of a new community classroom at the Weigand Center where they organize a variety of classes that teach job skills. The Clean Team, of which the DTA is involved, employs homeless individuals for trash and litter pickup in the Rio Grande Depot District; 36% of those employed moved on to permanent employment.

The DTA annually releases a benchmark report that provides significant data and analysis for the Central Business District. In the latest edition, it was found that there are 70,000 employees in the central business district.

Collectively the DTA staff serves on 50 community boards, advocating the success of Downtown as a center of culture, commerce, and entertainment.

Taking Advantage of Services Provided

The Downtown Alliance exists to serve the community. They only request that our community come and experience the joys of downtown and see firsthand that it is the regional center of culture, commerce and entertainment.

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Come join the over 200,000 annual attendees that support local food producers and businesses each Saturday at Pioneer Park. The local community benefits by the economic activity produced by these weekly events.