A Quality Center with one Purpose

For anyone who has a dream to start their own business, the stakes are high.

The process of finding professional, quality advice can be frustrating. Entrepreneurs want reliable and informative sources. They also want to work with partners that have their best interests at heart. The Salt Lake Chamber Women’s Business Center (WBC) understands this. Their mission is to support women business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs as they develop trust and provide clients with expertise.

The WBC is supported by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) and is “designed to assist women in starting and growing small businesses.” However, unlike many other centers, the WBC operates as a separate non-profit organization within the Salt Lake Chamber, allowing it access to a unique set of tools and resources to aid entrepreneurs. For the past 18 year, the WBC has been helping clients “Build Confidence, Create Opportunities and Experience Success.”

The following infographic shows the attitudes of clients towards the Women’s Business Center from a 2015 survey.


What Does the WBC Offer?

The WBC offers proven services and resources for little to no cost. The WBC provides a platform of business development and job creation by delivering quality and applicable entrepreneurial consulting, professional training and premier networking opportunities.

The WBC offers support tailored to your own point of business (where you are in the process):

Starting Your Business                Growing Your Business             Building Your Network

The WBC offers expertise in the following:

  • Consulting
  • Mentorship
  • Business essentials training
  • Technical knowledge
  • Monthly networking and educational events and forums

Specialized services include:

  • Business Plan Writing
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Women-Owned Business Certification
  • 8(a) Business Development Program Application

With the launch of their new website in July 2016, WBC clients will have increased access to useful tools and resources, including new online tutorials. Virtual locations will be also be available in ten counties for those unable to access to downtown Salt Lake City.

The Benefits of Choosing the Women’s Business Center

Last year the WBC helped 252 clients, assisted in the formation of 92 new businesses and impacted the creation 192 new jobs. The staff contributed 605 hours of counseling, oversaw 91 new business plans, and facilitated the training of 4,115 attendees.

Those who have chosen to use the WBC have consistently gone on to have successful experiences. Abbey Daw, Owner of Sweat & Soul Yoga said the following of her experience working with the WBC: “The journey of an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Please know from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am to your program at the Chamber. Thanks for always believing in me.”

Similar sentiments have been expressed by other WBC clients. This is one of the many reasons the WBC is one of the most recognized and accomplished organizations for business consultation in the state. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or woman business owner, let them help you build confidence, create opportunities and experience success.

*To learn more about the Salt Lake Chamber Women’s Business Center please visit their homepage by clicking: HERE.