April 24, 2017

Statistics show that elevating women benefits families, communities, the state’s economy and your businesses’ bottom line.

That’s why the Women’s Leadership Institute, led by former Senator Pat Jones, is working to help organizations advance women in senior leadership and urge women to run for public office.

WLI is not alone in its goal. More than 150 organizations from across the state have taken the pledge to elevate the stature of women’s leadership within their organization.

The ElevateHER Challenge is adaptable to each organization’s culture and goals.

It’s not about quotas; it’s about making a difference.

Find out more about ElevateHER Challenge by visiting slchamber.com

April 25, 2017

This year the Salt Lake Chamber is celebrating 130 years of standing as Utah’s ‘voice of business.’

Believe it or not, the Chamber is older than the state itself, having been established in 1887, before Utah was even granted statehood.

Recognizing the Chamber’s role in Utah’s economic and business success, Governor Gary Herbert has declared April 23th – 28th Salt Lake Chamber Week.

We’re celebrating with a 130th gala celebration at the stunning Eccles Theater in downtown Salt Lake City this Friday.

To learn more about our history and how you can take part visit slchamber.com

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of Utah’s business community, and we are eager to take this momentum into the next 130 years.

April 26, 2017

Air quality remains a critical economic issue for Utah’s business community, which is why companies large and small are leading the way to address these challenges.

While there is no silver bullet to solving Utah’s air problems, one of the most impactful changes is Utah refineries choosing to switch to the production of cleaner tier-3 fuels.

According to the Utah Foundation, 90% of the gasoline sold in the state comes from nearby refineries. This means full implementation of the lower sulfur, tier-3 fuels would result in significant vehicle emission reduction – essentially taking 4 out of 5 cars off the road.

The Salt Lake Chamber wants to applaud Chevron’s commitment to improving our air quality. Last week the company made the announcement its North Salt Lake refinery will begin producing the lower sulfur, tier-3 fuels.

This is a significant step, because the EPA only requires Chevron to average its reductions – meaning the company didn’t have to make the costly switch here in Utah – it could have just made the changes at its other refineries across the U.S.

Chevron’s announcement is evidence of the company’s commitment to improving our air quality and providing the best quality gasoline for Utah consumers.

April 27, 2017

Utah’s top high school entrepreneurs win big with their big ideas.

30-thousand dollars in cash and prizes were awarded at the 2017 High School Utah Entrepreneur Challenge at the University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios.

Nearly 150 business ideas were submitted from high school students across the state, but only 3 teams won the grand prize of 5-thousand dollars.

StraightShot, from Kearns High School, won for their adaptive apparel/clothing line that provides ease in accessing areas to administer medications by injection, port, or feeding tube.

Colo Clean, from Rowland Hall, won for their colonoscopy preparation kit that is less burdensome for patients.

And Puzzle Panel, from Academy for Math, Engineering & Science, took home one of the top prizes for their portable solar panels.

We want to send a big congratulation to all the winners!

April 28, 2017

Rocky Mountain Power encourages customers to be “wattsmart” by saving energy and money.

The energy-savings results for 2016 have just been released and they are impressive.

Utahns achieved a “peak load” reduction of 127 megawatts, and saved more than 334,000 megawatt-hours of electricity – this is equivalent to the energy it takes to power nearly 38,000 homes for a year!

Rocky Mountain Power thanks Utahns for the energy-saving results in 2016 and encourages you to keep up the great work!

Being wattsmart is not only good for your bottom line, it’s good for the environment, and it helps Utah’s economy by freeing up energy dollars for other investments.

Learn more about ways to save energy and money at wattsmart.com.