December 5, 2016

Every year the Salt Lake Chamber publishes the magazine, Life in Utah. This magazine is the premier lifestyle, relocation, resident and visitor guide for the Beehive State.

Whether you live here, or are just in town for a quick visit, you probably realize that our state is unlike any other.

We are not only committed to maintaining Utah as the strongest economy in the nation, but to also being a welcoming, inclusive and caring community.

The magazine features information on Utah’s thriving economy and business climate, discusses why education is the foundation for Utah’s future, and also highlights a few of best places in our state.

Read an up close and personal look at Utah’s economic and cultural landscape in the 2016 edition of Life in Utah.

It’s the best magazine to learn why Utah is the best place to live, work, learn and play.

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December 6, 2016

Trying to decide what to do this New Years Eve?

Look no further than EVE WinterFest – which returns to downtown Salt Lake City for its seventh year – running, December 29-31st.

This three-day fest is a community-wide celebration of art and culture in the urban center of Salt Lake City and Utah. It is a perfect way to ring in the New Year!

More than 40,000 attendees are expected to take advantage of the $25 three-day pass, and from cinema to comedy – there is a wide variety of venues for you to take advantage of.

On the 31st, the event culminates with the ultimate, unique countdown experience. Celebrate and watch the ball drop with a light show centered around America’s largest MirrorBall. It’s over 20 feet in diameter!

EVE WinterFest is a three-day celebration with concerts, DJs, grown-up drinks and engaging activities for kids and families. There really is something for everyone.

Ring in the New Year with EVE WinterFest. You won’t want to miss it!

To purchase tickets or find more information, visit:

December 7, 2016

Recently, the Salt Lake Chamber released a new report which outlines suggestions on how the state can improve Utah’s premier business climate through regulation reform.

The report, titled: “The Cost of Doing Business: Improving Utah’s Regulatory System” details limitations within Utah’s existing administrative rules process and important areas where the state has room for improvement.

To the state’s credit, Utah continues to gain national praise, including Forbes’ ‘Best State for Business’ over six of the past seven years.

These accolades come because of a commitment to continuously improve – even in areas where we excel.

We look forward to working with the Governor and Legislature in this spirit to keep Utah’s regulatory climate among the best in the nation.

Key areas of reform included in the report are:

  • better evaluation on the costs of Utah’s rules to individuals, businesses and our economy;
  • Reforms that will stop unnecessary regulations;
  • Improving transparency and oversight of Utah’s rules;
  • And, achieving a national model through considering a more robust analysis on the costs and benefits of rules.

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December 8, 2016

Vestar, owners of The Gateway mall just announced a $100 million plan to revitalize the struggling shopping center in downtown Salt Lake City.

Jenny Cushing, Vestar’s vice president of leasing, said “we want it to be trendy and hip and social.” And from the sounds of it, it will be.

The Gateway will be open seven days a week and concentrate heavily on food and drinks.

There will be an influx of new businesses, such as “trendy chef-driven restaurants, entertainment venues, and unique retailers.”

Plans also call for open spaces, public art, and an ice rink on the Olympic fountain in the winter.

The Gateway will also offer hundreds of entertainment events each year from concerts to yoga to other attractions.

While many may assume The Gateway is looking to compete with City Creek Center, this is not the case. The company would like it be something all its own.

The entire renovation should be finished in two to three years, and we look forward to the progress and changes to be made.

December 9, 2016

As we enter the winter months, we would like to remind you of some driving tips to keep you in control instead of slipping and sliding.

First and foremost, you have to slow down. Driving too fast is the main cause of crashes in winter.

Drive under the speed limit, as the posted speed limit is for dry, ideal conditions. If it’s wet, snowy or icy, you should be going under the speed limit.

Avoid quick stops, starts and turns, or cruise control. But if you do skid, ease off the gas and turn into the skid.

Increase your following distance, as you will need more space to safely stop when it’s wet, snowy and icy.

Use extra caution when changing lanes, as snow and slush can form ridges between lanes that can be really slippery and cause you to lose control.

Remember 4WD and AWD do not make you invincible. They help with traction, but don’t help with stopping and turning.

And last, but certainly not least, always, always, always buckle up. Seat belts save lives.

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