February 1, 2016

Across America, the most vibrant economies put education first. Utah is no exception. Utah recognizes that there is a huge economic benefit of a well-educated workforce.

That is why the Salt Lake Chamber supports Prosperity 2020, a five year statewide plan for major gains in education.

Research shows that a person’s earning power and society’s wealth are tied to educational achievement.

Prosperity 2020 calls for Utah to be in the top ten states in the nation for percentage of adults with a postsecondary certificate or degree.

It is critical that Utah has a well-educated workforce to enable the state to compete in attracting and filling the technology jobs of the future.

To succeed, we need all levels of state leadership to move ahead on this plan, as well as public support.

Too few students are prepared for higher education and not enough earn degrees. Prosperity 2020 will change that.

Learn more at slchamber.com/prosperity2020.

February 2, 2016

Do you like hiking, biking and the outdoors? Well, you’re in luck. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development board is putting money into our trails systems and outdoor rec.

The board recently agreed to provide $525,000 around the state to fund small projects designed to make outdoor activities that much easier to enjoy.

As an outdoor recreation destination, we know this will help do great things for our community, and not just the main cities. The grant money was spread around the state to communities large and small, as well as help develop trails, maintain rivers, and so much more.

Additionally, Theresa Foxley, GOED’s managing director, noted that they “put money into recreation incentives because it appeals to the kind of people whose companies we’re looking to attract.”

This will help the economy in the long run. Our quality of life is hard to beat and strong reason why many people and companies move here.

We truly believe that investing in our community, really is an investment in our future.

February 3, 2016

Have you heard the official Salt Lake Chamber podcast, Building Utah?

Each episode looks into the topics, ideas and people that influence the Beehive state.

With this podcast, we bring a business perspective to what you really care about. From finance to football, no topic is off limits and you never know what you might hear.

In our latest episode, for example, we spoke with Senior Senator, Orrin Hatch, President pro tempore of the U.S. Senate and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, on the importance of Congress’ relationship with the business community.

We answered questions like: What has Congress done for the business community in the last year? What does Congress hope to accomplish in the upcoming year? And what is the best way for business leaders and the community to get involved?

Follow Salt Lake Chamber social media and visit: slchamber.com/buildingutah to hear each episode.

It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on how the latest news and issues in our community effect business in the Beehive State.

February 4, 2016

Recently at the Utah Economic Review, the Utah Economic Council reported that the Beehive State should continue to have robust economic growth, positive labor market performance and an increasing number of people moving to Utah in 2016.

“As Utah lead the nation in job growth in 2015, this is a signal that economic opportunity may be better in Utah than in any state,” said Juliette Tennert, co-chairwoman of the Utah Economic Council and director of economic and public policy research at the Kem C. Garnder Policy Institute.  She continued to say, “Much of this growth was fueled by significant growth in Utah’s technology, construction, and leisure and hospitality sectors.”

Additionally, employment expansions should last throughout the year, and that unemployment could fall even further – meaning opportunities are going to get better and better.

We are ecstatic that Utah continues its path of success and cannot wait to see what it to come this year.

However, it was noted that the state economy would not be without some potential challenges; but that the state’s economic fundamentals are solid and should be enough to continue moving Utah forward in the coming year.

February 5, 2016

Join the Business Women’s Forum on February 23rd for their monthly luncheon. This month’s topic called “Sweet Success” hosts on a panel of WBC client business Owners and Maxine Turner of Cuisine Unlimited as the moderator.

Have you ever wondered how an ordinary person became a business owner? Or maybe you’ve had the idea or notion about starting your own business one day.

Look no further. Come to the February BWF Luncheon and hear stories from people have thought those questions and came to own and run a successful business.

Panelists include:

  • Juanita Ramos Corum, of M2M Resource Development
  • Massimillano Frani, of GENOTE, LLC.
  • Melissa Snow, of Wholy Raw
  • Julie Sharp, Intuitive Touch and Body Works

You won’t want to miss this Business Women’s Forum Luncheon on Tuesday, February 23rd!

Register today at: slchamber.com.