January 18, 2016

Do you have your Utah Drug Card yet?

The Utah Drug Card can save you as much as 75% on your prescription medications. That goes a long way to relieving the stress of your prescription drug costs.

Best of all, the Utah Drug Card is free to all Utah residents, and everyone participating in the program is eligible to get pharmacy discounts.

The Utah Drug Card can be used to supplement most health insurance plans, including health savings accounts and high deductible plans. It can also be used as a Medicare Part D supplement.

This program includes discounts on brand and generic medications, so all medications are eligible for discounts.

The Utah Drug Card is pre-activated and accepted at over 56,000 pharmacies around the country.

Learn more about how you can save starting today at utahdrugcard.com.

January 19, 2016

It’s cold outside!  As a result of this cold weather a lot of people like to let their car warm up before they get in. Our advice: Don’t.

By idling, you’re helping add to our state’s wintertime pollution problems.

A new study reveals that the cold start of a car – one that has sat 12 hours or longer – is one of the worst things motorists can do if they want to help clean up the air.

We have some of the toughest, strongest, coldest inversions you can imagine and cold only add to the problem of air quality.

The study showed that there is no need to warm up your car and that the best thing you can do is to just start your car and drive.

We have some of the toughest, strongest, coldest inversions you can imagine and cold only add to the problem of air quality.

Additionally, the Salt Lake City Police Department has reported numerous cars have been stolen as a result of being left idling in driveways.

Do your part to help Utah’s air quality and prevent crime. Don’t cold start.

January 20, 2016

Have you heard the official Salt Lake Chamber podcast, Building Utah?

Each episode looks into the topics, ideas and people that influence the Beehive state.

With this podcast, we bring a business perspective to what you really care about. From finance to football, no topic is off limits and you never know what you might hear.

In our latest episode, for example, we spoke with Scott Beck, president and CEO of Visit Salt Lake, about Utah’s outdoor industry.

We answered questions like: What is the outdoor industry? How did it begin and develop new economic clusters? And what are the benefits of the outdoor industry to our state?

Follow Salt Lake Chamber social media and visit: slchamber.com/buildingutah to hear each episode.

It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on how the latest news and issues in our community effect business in the Beehive State.

January 21, 2016

Is Utah a good place for women to start and run businesses?

While we must improve the leadership representation of women in Utah, many organizations in our state have already implemented plans to do just that.

The Utah Women & Leadership Project, for example, has created and release four 2014 research and policy briefs intended to promote a deeper understanding of the status of women leaders in the following sectors: politics, business, education and nonprofit organizations.

The briefs review both national and Utah trends regarding women and entrepreneurship. They also highlight the reasons why women start and run businesses, some of the barriers that women face and the best practices that can strengthen and support more Utah women in leadership endeavors.

Utah ranks well in women’s entrepreneurship, which brightens the outlook for women within the state’s economy. They are contributing the quality of life and prosperity of local and statewide economies.

To learn more on the Utah Women & Leadership Project, visit: uvu.edu/uwlp

January 22, 2016

The Salt Lake Chamber is Utah’s largest business association and Utah’s business leader. A statewide chamber, we have members in all 29 Utah counties.

The Salt Lake Chamber represents more than 8,000 businesses and over 500,000 Utah jobs, nearly half the workforce of the state.

The Salt Lake Chamber has roots that date back to 1887, and even though life in Utah is much different today than it was when the chamber began, the goal of the chamber is much the same: to stand as the voice of business, support our members’ success and champion community prosperity.

We do this by providing awesome networking opportunities, business training, exciting events and public policy leadership on Capitol Hill.

We would love to have you contact us to find out how we can help your company meet its goals, and how we can benefit from your expertise.