January 23, 2018

The Salt Lake Chamber is pleased to announce it has been chosen as a Utah Clean Air Partnership or UCAIR grant recipient.

These funds will support the Chamber’s business driven air quality programs, including the Clear the Air Challenge and Clean Air Champions initiative.

This grant will allow the Chamber to expand marketing and outreach efforts to Utah’s business community with the goal to increase business participation in programs that promote emission-reduction strategies.

In collaboration with the Chamber’s partners at UCAIR, TravelWise and with other local chambers of commerce, the Salt Lake Chamber’s initiatives, such as the Clear the Air Challenge, will help businesses make better decisions, track direct emission reductions, and demonstrate the impact business efforts can have on Utah’s air quality—ultimately impacting economic prosperity and quality of life.

To learn more about the Chamber’s clean air initiatives visit http://www.utahcorporateresponsibility.com

And to sign up for the Clear the Air Challenge log on to, CleartheAirChallenge.org

January 24, 2018

The Salt Lake Chamber recently released its Top 10 Legislative Priorities. These priorities serve as the Chamber’s agenda for the 2018 Legislative session.

The Salt Lake Chamber believes modernizing Utah’s tax code is the most critical issue facing the Legislature and must be addressed this session.

Why? Because our tax base is shrinking. The digitization of goods and changing purchasing patterns has made Utah’s tax code a thing of the past.

In 1955, 57% of income was spent on goods and 43% on services. That’s almost completely flipped. In 2016, only 32% of our income was spent on goods and 68% was spent on services.

So as you can see, it’s time to look at new approaches to broaden the tax base—all while lowering the rates.

Modernizing our tax code presents an opportunity to enhance Utah’s overall funding for education – as well as investing in infrastructure.

To learn more about the need for Utah Tax Modernization visit Utah.tax

January 25, 2018

When our winter air quality is at its worst, do something about it and take the Clear the Air Challenge.

Experts tell us, during the inversion period pollution doubles daily.

Transportation emissions are responsible for nearly fifty percent of the pollutants that make up our poor air quality.

By reducing vehicle trips, we can protect our health, environment, economy and quality of life. That means carpooling, using transit, teleworking, trip chaining, walking or biking – and new this year – using electric vehicles.

Make air quality your business by joining the Clear the Air Challenge. One month of driving less and smarter to help improve Utah’s air.

Register as an individual or team at ClearTheAirChallenge.org by Feb 1st to help eliminate 300,000 trips for better air.

For more information, or to sign up for the Challenge visit, CleartheAirChallenge.org

January 26, 2018

The Salt Lake Chamber recently released its Top 10 Legislative Priorities. These priorities serve as the Chamber’s agenda for the 2018 Legislative session.

One of these priorities includes tackling Housing Affordability. There’s a difference between affordable housing and housing affordability.

Housing affordability refers to providing access to different housing types for all income groups. This is about ensuring Utahns can raise their families in the communities they love at prices they can afford.

Since 2010, Utah has added four new households for every three new housing units. If we don’t keep up with building the homes Utahns need, prices will continue to go up and eventually our kids and grandkids will be priced out of the market.

Communities can have a real impact on addressing Utah’s housing gap. The Chamber has created a Housing Gap Coalition to address this issue and help local elected officials understand the impact local land use and other policies have on keeping their communities affordable.