January 23, 2017

This week marks the beginning of the 2017 General Legislative Session, and as such, discussing important issues to look for and be aware of is critical for businesses to get involved and understand how these various issues affect our state’s economy.

One of the most visible legislative issues on the Hill is Utah’s air quality.

Over the past several years, the legislature has taken action on important air quality legislation to ensure a healthy workforce, more public awareness and research, increased transportation options to reduce emissions, and support for cleaner vehicles and fuels.

We applaud these efforts and acknowledge the important and difficult decisions still ahead with regard to our air quality.

The Chamber’s clean air policy priorities and the air quality topics to most likely be addressed during the session are:

  • The use of clean vehicles and fuels, which ultimately can help reduce mobile emissions.
  • Transportation Investments to improve our transit systems and active transportation infrastructure.
  • Area sources, such as homes, commercial buildings and businesses, and the ways we can work together to reduce energy consumption.
  • And lastly, federal air quality standards compliance, to ensure our all regions of the state meet these standards to received necessary federal funding.

To learn more about the Chamber’s policy principles, positions and priorities in full view our Public Policy Guide.

January 24, 2017

Health care has always been a key point of discussion for policy makers.

Now, following the 2016 election, many businesses and employees are wondering what kind of changes the health care industry could see over the next four years.

We had Andrew Croshaw, co-chair of the Salt Lake Chamber’s Health Systems Reform Committee and president of the health care consulting group, Leavitt Partners, provided us a few scenarios to watch for in the first years of the new administration:

  1. Affordable Care Act is repealed and replaced.
  2. Health information sharing increases.
  3. Value-based payment models continue to grow but at a slower pace.
  4. Medicaid becomes more flexible and reduces overall spending.
  5. Private sector value collaborations fill the vacuum left by outgoing administration.
  6. Insurance cost and coverage requirements loosen.
  7. FDA drug and device reviews become slightly faster and less burdensome.

While these scenarios will take shape in various ways over the next few years, change is inevitably coming.

Because a healthy workforce is necessary for a productive business community, all employers should proactively understand health care reforms and consider the impacts such changes pose to their company and employees.

January 25, 2017

Do you want to make new connections within the Utah business community?

Yes? Join us tomorrow, Thursday, January 26th for the Salt Lake Chamber’s Business After Hours, hosted by Valley Fair Mall at the Larry H. Miller MegaPlex.

Look forward to an evening of entertainment and networking.

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Afterwards, attend a complimentary private screening of the movie, The Founder¸ presented by MegaPlex.

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Don’t miss out. Tomorrow, Thursday, January 26th for Business After Hours hosted by Valley Fair Mall at the Larry H. Miller MegaPlex.

January 26, 2017

Are you a resident of Utah? Do you purchase medication? Do you wish there was a program to help you save on prescription prices?

There is – The Utah Drug Card Program. This service is absolutely free to all Utah residents. Plus, there are no premiums or deductibles associated with this program.

Membership to the Utah Drug Card program has no requirements. No income, age, pre-existing condition, deductible or waiting period restrictions.

The program is designed to help patients who do not have prescription drug coverage or have limitations to their current coverage.

The Utah Drug Card is partnered with companies that negotiate discounts directly with the pharmacies on over 20,000 name brand and generic drugs.

These discounts are passed directly to cardholders. This provides that the program has the lowest Rx Price Logic, guaranteeing you get the best pricing on your prescriptions.

You can save up to 75% on your medications, an average savings of around 30%.

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January 27, 2017

The key to any sustainable economy is a highly educated workforce.

Beginning in 2017, the Salt Lake Chamber – through Prosperity 2020 – will host quarterly forums to discuss the direction of education in Utah.

Please join us for our inaugural forum with Senator Ann Millner and Representative Lowry Snow on February 1, to discuss potential changes to education policy in Utah.

Hot topics this year include education funding, workforce development and early student learning.

You won’t want to miss this exciting discussion from two of Utah’s best lawmakers!

Remember to register early to secure your spot for the Prosperity 2020: 2017 Education Preview on February 1.