October 16, 2017

Shorter days mean longer hours for the lighting systems at your business.

Did you know lighting upgrades are often the easiest energy-efficiency improvements you can make?

Projects often pay back your investment through energy savings in two years or less.

LED upgrades are an excellent way to enhance lighting quality while cutting operating costs.

Pairing LEDs with sensors or controls can help you save even more.

Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart® Business program offers cash incentives to help offset the cost of upgrades.

Before beginning your lighting project, visit Rocky Mountain Power at wattsmart.com to find a wattsmart Business Vendor.

These vendors are lighting professionals who understand Rocky Mountain Power’s program requirements and processes, and have tools to show you potential paybacks and incentives for your project.

October 17, 2017

The Salt Lake Chamber is pleased to announce it has joined the national Business for Federal Research Funding Coalition.

The BFRF Coalition is a broad-based group of more than 65 U.S chambers of commerce that advocates for increased research funding in the federal budget, and brings heightened awareness to the critical economic impact federal research has on our nation’s competiveness.

The federal government has played a major role in funding research efforts that have led to major breakthroughs in innovation, new technologies, lifesaving medical treatments and jobs for millions of Americans.

In fact, nearly 60 percent of funding for basic scientific research in the United States is provided by the federal government.

The Salt Lake Chamber has joined the BFRF Coalition in an effort to help illustrate that this issue impacts businesses, government, academia, and private citizens in every corner of the country.

October 18, 2017

Do you dread when someone asks you if they can give you some feedback? Maybe your mind instantly starts worrying about things you may have done wrong or how you may have failed in some way.

It’s a reaction many people have. Simply the word feedback – can bring up feelings of embarrassment, guilt or inadequacy. But feedback shouldn’t be feared. When done right, it can be an opportunity to grow and improve.

So while it may be difficult, try to remember not to take feedback personally. If you think the person offering the feedback is trying to help you, it’s easier to feel grateful instead of defensive.

Don’t always assume feedback is going to be negative, ask for feedback, listen without judgment and thank the person for being honest with you.

If you would like to learn more tips for taking feedback, head to slchamber.com. Under the Chamber news section you can find Sherry Weaver’s blog, “Why You Shouldn’t Fear Feedback.”

You can find other blogs from our Business Women’s Forum Committee members there as well.

October 19, 2017

“If you collect it, you must protect it.” That’s the message from the Salt Lake Chamber’s Cybersecurity Leadership Council.

If you think cyber attacks primarily target large corporations for a bigger pay off, think again. Customer information, bank account numbers, and other valuable data make small businesses just as a big of a target as big businesses.

Remember – no matter the size of your business, cyber attacks are inevitable and the damage they cause can be irreversible.

Cybersecurity Awareness month is the perfect time for your business to recommit to cybersecure practices.

The Cybersecurity Leadership Council is hosting two Cybersecurity Business Roundtables.

The next one will be held in Provo on October 25th.

There you will learn best practices and policies to protect your sensitive information; the latest in viruses, spyware and malicious code protection; as well as how to create a cyber attack response plan.

Tickets are only $25 and lunch is included. For more information visit slchamber.com/cyber

October 20, 2017

Searching for a new place to call home can be difficult, especially for people with disabilities.

Instead of the common wish-list items like affordability, neighborhood, schools, public transportation and entertainment options, people with disabilities have a more complicated list of considerations.

Wallethub recently released its list of the 2017 Best & Worst Cities for People with Disabilities.

The study compared the 150 most populated cities across 28 key indicators of disability-friendliness. Things like physicians per capita, rate of workers with disabilities, park accessibility, housing affordability, and wheelchair-accessible restaurants per capita.

Salt Lake City ranked 4th on their list. Driving us to the top of the list were our economic factors, like housing affordability, cost of living, median earnings for people with disabilities and annual cost of in-home services.

You can find the full story on our social media pages – facebook.com/salt lake chamber and on twitter @saltlakechamber