August 17, 2015

One of the key ingredients for a successful community is collaboration. That’s why we want to invite you to come pay tribute to those who commit their abilities and time to help further the Chamber’s mission and bolster the business community, at the Salt Lake Chamber’s 128th Annual Meeting.

It will be on September 9th at the Salt Lake Marriott City Center from noon to 1:30, as we honor the 2014-2015 board chair, 2015 Chamber Champions, and this year’s outstanding corporate partners. Past recipients of the corporate business awards include; UTA, Wells Fargo, Hilton Salt lake City Center, EDC Utah, Busath Studio, Ballet West, Real Salt Lake, Daynes Music and Hale Center Theatre to name just a few.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Come help the Salt Lake Chamber celebrate Utah’s business community at the 128th Annual Meeting on September 9th at the Salt Lake Marriott City Center. To find out more go to The Salt Lake Chamber. We stand as the voice of business.

August 18, 2015

We are happy to announce that Abby Albrecht is the new Public Policy Area Director and Director of the Utah Transportation Coalition. She is a great addition to our public policy team. As the largest business association in the state, the chamber has long been the voice of business in Utah. Abby is going to amplify that voice by providing expertise on key policy issues.

Abby most recently worked for Granite Construction serving as their Government and Public affairs manager. Her responsibilities included overseeing governmental affairs, corporate branding and gifting, and marketing and business development.

In 2012 she became the director for the Utah Transportation Coalition, a group of business and civic leaders working together to protect Utah’s environment, improve the economy and preserve our quality of life. Her expertise will be instrumental in the Chamber’s efforts to move the state’s transportation initiative forward. The Salt Lake Chamber. We stand as the voice of business.

August 19, 2015

The Downtown Salt Lake City story just gets better and better. Here’s the latest from Jason Mathis, Downtown Alliance executive Director.

“Downtown Salt Lake City is booming. We’ve got so many exciting things happening in our urban core. We’ve got things like residential properties sprouting up right and left, and that’s not happening everywhere. That’s really focused on downtown. Downtown has a certain synergy that really creates a unique climate for business. It’s a place where you have all different industries coming together. Different ideas, different people, different perspectives and that’s really what’s fueling a creative economy. Salt Lake City is the place to be!”

Jason also says it is very exciting to think what the Salt Lake Skyline is going to look like. We at the Chamber are thrilled to be able to report that Downtown is obviously vibrant and growing. The Salt lake Chamber. We stand as the voice of business.

August 20,2015

Our Regulation Round Table Series continues this month focusing on the Utah Life Sciences Industry. The next roundtable will be on Tuesday, September 15th at the Chamber offices downtown, and will focus on key regulatory barriers that impede Utah’s life science industry. The roundtable will feature partners from the federal delegation, local and state economic development partners and other associated groups.

We believe smart regulation has an important role in our economy, creating a level playing field for business while protecting public safety and the environment. A modern, balanced, transparent regulatory system gives businesses the confidence they need to hire, invest and innovate.

The Salt Lake Chamber is excited to host this quarterly regulation roundtable series. Join us Tuesday, September 15th at the Chamber. To learn more, go to The Salt Lake Chamber. We stand as the voice of business.

August 20,2015

The Utah Global Forum is coming up next Wednesday, August 26th at the Salt Palace Convention Center. The opportunity for any business to expand into the international business market has never been easier. There are more than 7 billion potential customers in the world, and 2.4 billion of them are online.

How many of those customers are yours? How many could you reach today? The Utah Global Forum will facilitate the dialogue on how businesses can expand beyond local borders and develop a strategy of expansion into the global marketplace.

The keynote speaker will be Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona. The Utah Global Forum is presented by Governor Herbert, who will also be a featured speaker.

To register for the Utah Global Forum on August 26th, go to The Salt Lake Chamber. We stand as the voice of business.

August 21, 2015

Over 168 years ago, Utah’s founding fathers settled the uninhabited Salt Lake Valley. Today, Utah is home to just over 3 million residents who benefit from those forward thinking trailblazers who created a future that they chose.

This Utah value – of letting our state decide its own future – is being threatened, as a well-funded out of state special interest group attempts to influence Utah’s locally elected leaders, and prevent Utah voters from improving on transportation needs in our own communities.

The truth is that our local leaders do not need an out of state special interest group to tell them what to do. No one is more knowledgeable than local leaders about community needs for road, transit and active transportation funding.

Utah’s local business community strongly supports our city and county leaders on this issue. We believe Utah voters – not an out of state interest group – should decide the state’s needs for road, transit and active transportation funding. The Salt Lake Chamber. We stand as the voice of business.