September 7, 2015

Across America, the most vibrant economies put education first. Utah is no exception. Utah recognizes that there is a huge economic benefit of having a well-educated workforce. That is why the Salt Lake Chamber supports Prosperity Though Education, a five-year statewide plan for improving Utah’s education.

Research shows that a person’s earning power and society’s wealth are tied to educational achievement. Prosperity Through Education plan calls for Utah to be in the top ten among states for percentage of adults with a post-secondary certificate or degree.

It is critical that Utah has a well-educated workforce to enable the companies to compete in attracting and filling the jobs of the future.

To succeed, we need all levels of state leadership and the public to move ahead with this plan. Too few students are prepared for higher education and not enough complete their degrees. Prosperity Through Education will change that.

September 8, 2015

During the month of July community members joined together to participate in the state’s largest clean air initiative, the Clear the Air Challenge.

The Challenge encourages Utah residents to drive less and drive smarter. Participants help improve air quality by avoiding trips alone in the car, using alternative modes of transportation such as carpooling, taking public transit, walking, biking or trip chaining.

Collectively, this year’s participants saved more than 2,460,000 miles, reduced 646.2 tons of emissions, and saved more than $694,000 dollars. This really shows that when a community works together, they really can make a difference.

We hope everyone who participated continues using TravelWise strategies from the Challenge to enhance Utah’s quality of life. If you didn’t participate, we invite you to join next year.

September 9, 2015

“International travel is up all throughout the world and Salt Lake City is no exception,” said Salt Lake City International Airport spokeswoman Bianca Shreeve.

Delta has announced they will offer their first direct flight to Heathrow Airport from Salt Lake City starting in May 2016. This gives Utah travelers the ability to fly directly to London. This service will be part of the 8 percent capacity increase at Delta’s Salt Lake City hub over the next five years.

The route will operate seasonally, during peak summer travel season, similar to the direct flight to Amsterdam and is a great addition for local leisure and business passengers. This flight solidifies our great state’s growing international presence and increases opportunity for international logistics. We’ll see you on the flight!

September 10, 2015

Last week the Local Option Campaign kicked off for Prop 1 Utah. Prop 1 helps communities invest in infrastructure close to home: roads, trails, sidewalks, maintenance, increased bus service and safety features.

Prop 1 will help fill the gap in transportation needs in our community. Prop 1 gives cities, counties and transit providers a quarter-cent in sales tax. That’s one cent for every four dollars. That would cost the average person about $40 per year, but doing nothing about local transportation would cost much more.

Prop 1 has strong accountability measures and can only be spent on transportation, not on salaries or overhead. Since the local option will be collected and invested close to hope, you’ll see the benefits at work in your community.

Investing in transportation means a better quality of life in terms of streets and sidewalks in a good state of repair, a prosperous local economy and good air quality. We as a business community stand behind the option because transportation is the backbone of our economy. To learn more on the local option, go to

September 11, 2015

Throughout Utah, most businesses rely on fluorescent lamps for interior lighting and high-intensity discharge lamps for exterior applications. However, during the last few years LED technology has emerged as a superior replacement for everything from the common office overhead, to the 30-foot pole in the parking lot.

As a result, many businesses are accessing Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart Business incentives to help cover the cost of upgrading to brighter lighting at a fraction of the operating costs.

In addition to energy savings, LEDs have a long lamp life that contributes to maintenance savings.  Controls also can be added to sense motion or occupancy to save energy and improve safety. Before you start a lighting project, contact Rocky Mountain Power at to learn about incentives available for LED lighting.