September 3, 2018

Mayor Jackie Biskupski recently announced that Salt Lake City will be hosting the 68th United Nations Department of Public Information NGO Conference in 2019.

This conference will consist of 300 nongovernmental organizations representing more than 80 countries.

The conference of 2,000 – 4,000 attendees usually takes place in New York. 2019 will be the first time the event will be held in the United States outside of New York.

Each conference focuses on a different U.N. topic of interest. Mayor Biskupski has encouraged the U.N. to make the focus of the 2019 conference Sustainability Goal 11, which lays out a series of targets for cities to reach by 2030. Some of these include safe and affordable housing, transportation and green, public spaces.

Sustainability Goal 11 also encourages cities to adopt and implement plans to reduce their environmental impact, particularly concerning air quality.

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September 4, 2018

If you follow the winding white lines past Terminals 1 and 2, it’s hard to miss the behemoth rising above Salt Lake City International Airport. While the traffic pattern prevents you from stopping long enough to take a look at what’s taking shape, you know it’s something big.

So big, in fact, Bill Wyatt, the airport’s new executive director, calls it the largest construction project in the history of the state. This isn’t a redevelopment or a redesign, as many have mistakenly called the $3.6 billion project, Utah is getting an entirely new international airport, and as Wyatt points out, it’s likely the only new hub airport to be built in the U.S. this century.

To construct a project of this size without taxpayer money is truly remarkable. The multi-billion dollar development is instead being completely funded through the airport’s self-sustaining fund.

An impressive airport it will without a doubt be. It will eventually have two new concourses, a central terminal called the Gateway Center where all local passengers will check in and go through security, an elevated roadway to provide the much needed space for passenger drop-off, and a new parking garage with 3,600 stalls — more than double the space of the current garage. 

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September 5, 2018

If you’re a resident of Utah, you and your family have access to a free Prescription Drug Program — The Utah Drug Card.

The Utah Drug Card has partnered with companies that negotiate discounts with the pharmacies. Then these discounts are passed directly to cardholders.

Membership to the program has no requirements or restrictions, no forms, no exclusions, and no waiting periods.

The Utah Drug Card is pre-activated and accepted at over 68 thousand pharmacies around the country.

This program also has the Lowest Rx Price Logic to guarantee you get the best pricing on prescriptions, meaning card holders pay a discounted price based off average wholesale price.

The program is designed to help patients who do not have prescription drug coverage or have limitations to their current coverage.

Don’t miss out on incredible prescription savings.

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September 6, 2018

The Salt Lake Chamber is now accepting registrations for its annual Government Affairs Bootcamp.

This intensive two-day bootcamp is designed for new and experienced government affairs professionals, company executives and public policy advocates.

Attend the bootcamp to learn how to improve your effectiveness and understanding of advocating in the state of Utah.

A maximum of 20 people will be admitted to the program.

Attendees will graduate with a Certificate of Government Affairs from the Salt Lake Chamber and will be able to pass the state’s lobbying exam and gain an understanding of federal lobbying regulations.

The first day of Government Affairs Bootcamp will be on October 26 in the State Capital Board Room.

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September 7, 2018

Cindy Crane, president and CEO of Rocky Mountain Power, has been named the 2018 ATHENA Leadership Award recipient.

The ATHENA Leadership Award is a prestigious national award presented annually to an active member of the Salt Lake Chamber who demonstrates excellence, creativity and initiative in business.

The ATHENA Leadership Award will be officially presented to Cindy Crane at the 42nd Annual Women & Business Conference and ATHENA Awards Luncheon on November 16, 2018.

In addition to the ATHENA Leadership Award, six women will receive Pathfinder Awards at the conference. The Pathfinder Awards are presented annually to community leaders who create new paths promoting the development and recognition of women in business. The six Pathfinder recipients this year include the following:

  • Kristen Cox of the Governor’s Office of Management & Budget
  • Kate Holland of Illuminate
  • Dr. Donna Milavetz of OnSite Care Clinics
  • Hollie Pettersson of The Cicero Group
  • Amanda Smith of Holland & Hart
  • Emily Wright of doTERRA International

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