One company. One year. One million kids served.

C.R. England and its subsidiary company, England Logistics, set a lofty goal for 2018: feed one million hungry kids across the country. At 10 a.m. on October 20, they reached their goal more than two months early.

Now in its fourth generation of England family ownership, C.R. England and England Logistics has always been committed to building community, but until this year, they’ve struggled to find the right way to make a deep impact.

“We were an inch deep and a mile wide in our corporate giving,” explained TJ England, Chief Legal Officer for C.R. England.

With this in mind, the companies decided to refocus their efforts on an issue near and dear to their hearts–childhood hunger. “I remember my dad coming home late from work some days because he’d been out delivering food boxes from the Utah Food Bank to area families,” England said. That desire to serve has spread throughout their companies’ cultures, with employees choosing to volunteer their time making similar deliveries.

To carry out their goal, C.R. England and England Logistics founded the One United Against Childhood Hunger program, also called the One Initiative, and partnered with 20 food banks across the nation, including the Utah Food Bank.

Now, for every delivery made by a C.R. England driver, the company donates funding for one meal to the food bank of the driver’s choice. England Logistics also provides a matching contribution to a food bank for each of its completed business transactions. “It’s humbling to help and help folks get back on their feet,” said England.

The One Initiative has truly united and inspired C.R. England and England Logistics employees to fight childhood hunger in their communities. Recently, a C.R. England driver who was honored for driving one million miles, chose to donate a quarter of his bonus back to the One Initiative.

Both companies plan to keep the giving going through the remainder of the year, setting a new, higher goal for 2019. Their commitment to taking care of those in need is one of the many reasons C.R. England and England Logistics are true Utah Community Builders.For more information about the ongoing program or to donate, please visit or contact David Allred at