SALT LAKE CITY, UT (July 15, 2019) — Today the Salt Lake Chamber announced the project priorities for the Utah Community Builder Foundation, the Chamber’s non-profit organization to address critical social and community issues through strategic partnerships. Priorities for the new year will include addressing intergenerational poverty, behavioral health, as well as immigration and child care. 

“We are faced with an extraordinary responsibility to ensure that we, in this generation, make the same kind of forward-thinking decisions and investments that our predecessors made to provide prosperity for the future generation,” said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber.This Foundation serves as the social responsibility conduit of Utah’s business community, working to grow and strengthen the quality of life and well-being of our state”

Utah Community Builders addresses the state’s most pressing challenges by providing a platform for the business community and others to engage on social issues. It strengthens partnerships between business leaders, service providers, academic and subject matter experts, and government agencies on social issues affecting Utah. “Our state is blessed by a strong economy, a smart and diverse workforce, and a wonderful quality of life,” said Miller in announcing the priorities. “However, we always want to be moving forward, particularly in areas of greatest concern to our families and future. The four priorities we’ve established for the coming year are important to ensuring that bright future.”

Promoting research and policy work through community outreach to improve social mobility for Utahns will be the focus of the Foundation’s efforts. Likewise, the forums and heightened community awareness provided by the Foundation will be used to mobilize Utah’s rich resources and expertise to address concerns regarding behavioral health, immigration, as well as the increasing needs associated with quality and affordable child care. 

“We want to shine a brighter light on these four social needs of our community and partner with local businesses to make a lasting impact,” said Lisa Eccles, president and COO, George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation and co-chair of the Utah Community Builder Advisory Board. “It’s gratifying to see that many business leaders are already stepping forward to join us and lend their energy and expertise to support this effort. We believe that together we can make a lasting and positive impact on our community”

The Foundation is led by a diverse advisory board of men and women with experience addressing business and community issues. Through partnerships with issue experts and high-quality data and research, the Foundation will focus on the areas of greatest need and impact.

According to Clark Ivory, CEO of Ivory Homes and co-chair of the Utah Community Builder Advisory Board, “Business knows how to get things done. We want to know how best we can contribute and have a real impact on the social fabric of our community. Through its advisory board and other participants, the Foundation represents some of the best that Utah has to offer, and it is ready to lead out on these issues.”

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