Dear Chamber Member,

Governor Gary Herbert and the Utah Economic Response Task Force have released Utah Leads Together 3.0, providing a roadmap to economic recovery. Versions 1 and 2 of the Utah Leads Together plan introduced phases to deal with the coronavirus and proposed a series of protocols aligned with a color-coded health guidance program to inform Utah’s health and economic recovery.

Utah Leads Together 3.0 provides essential information for high-risk populations, addresses impacts to Utah’s multi-cultural community, and lays the groundwork for Utah’s green-phase recovery.

According to Dr. Michael Good, a member of the Utah COVID-19 Community Task Force, the virus finds and attacks high-risk populations. For this reason Utah Leads Together 3.0 stresses primacy of protecting our vulnerable population. It outlines nine ways to protect both yourself and your neighbors.

As the virus disproportionately impacts minority groups, the new plan focuses on short and long-term priorities to mitigate the impact on Utah’s multi-cultural community. It advocates translating and disseminating critical information inclusively, engaging community advocates, collaborating with healthcare organizations and elevating community testing sites.

Finally, Utah Leads Together 3.0 plants seeds of economic recovery with a focus on training and job ready investments. Training programs around technical skills, such as one year master’s programs and certifications, will prepare Utahns for tomorrow’s workplace. Investment in infrastructure, outdoor trails and expanding the superhighway of broadband internet will secure our state for growth and prosperity.

I encourage you to read the updated plan and share it with your employees.

Click here to view the plan.

Together, we can be leaders in supporting our state’s recovery.


Derek Miller
President & CEO Salt Lake Chamber
Chair, Economic Response Task Force