The Wall Street Journal recently recognized Salt Lake as the best place for employment, and others have recognized Utah’s growth, economic diversity, as well as its environment as a great place to start a business. As Utah’s business and development success did not happen by accident, the Salt Lake Chamber hosted a virtual panel with those on the front lines covering these issues what they are seeing.

This virtual panel looked at the following questions:

  • What progress do you see businesses are making?
  • What factors in your mind led to Utah’s economic success, even coming out from the pandemic?
  • What lessons have you gleaned from business during the pandemic that we should remember or adopt?
  • What do you see for the state over this horizon?
  • Any challenges you see to our success, or any blind spots to avoid?
  • What if anything threatens our ability to remain the best state for business?

The Panel will include:

  • Moderator, Boyd Matheson, KSL Inside Sources Host
  • Art Raymond, Deseret News Tech Reporter
  • Jasen Lee, Deseret News Award Winning Business Reporter
  • Holly Richardson, Editor at Utah Policy
  • Ginger Chinn, Vice President of Policy Salt Lake Chamber

Business leaders are encouraged to watch and learn what these experts see now, what’s coming, and ways to improve our communities.