Could COVID-19 be the black swan event that forces many industries and companies in Utah, nationally and globally to rethink and transform their global supply chain models?

What is already understood is that COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerabilities of many organizations, especially those who have a high dependence on China to fulfill their need for raw materials or finished products. The United States is seeing that any major disruption puts global supply chains at risk. As businesses begin to emerge as the restrictions are lifted, how do small businesses move forward?

The Salt Lake Chamber hosted a “Utah Leads Together” webinar on supply chain & logistics with:

  • Ginger┬áChinn, managing director business development, Utah Inland Port Authority (Moderator)
  • Jason Fowler, CEO, Freightlink
  • Jack Hedge, executive director, Utah Inland Port Authority
  • Weston LaBar, president and CEO, Harbor Trucking Association
  • Brian Sather, CEO, Blacksmith International
  • Michael Stockwell, Owner, Mountain West Container Services

Business, industry and safety experts shared best practices, guidelines, specific risks and ideas on how to build consumer confidence as we turn the dial and safely return to the workplace.

The following materials are available for your use:
– Video Recording: