The Utah Ready-Mixed Concrete Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting concrete and cement producers in Utah. These and related industries make significant contributions to Utah’s thriving economy by employing nearly 2,000 individuals and making over 2 billion in economic impact. From driveways and runways to roads and bridges, concrete and cement support nearly every project to improve our state’s infrastructure and development.

Executive Director Brad Stevenson shared how the industry still maintains a very positive outlook as concrete and cement go into every major infrastructure project.

Stevenson shared a challenge this summer related to one of the larger cement plants in the state that went down. The plant is now back online but demand is outstripping supply, in part due to difficulty in getting permits to build more plants.

However, he noted it was easier to get concrete and cement than it was in the past few months and things are better overall than last year. The seasonality and a growing housing market are continuing economic expansion in the state despite the headwinds of inflation.

The industry is facing some common struggles as other Utah businesses with a driver shortage and getting enough material due to supply chain constraints. Another little considered fact is the replacement of parts for heavy equipment has been challenging as well. Despite these realities, Stevenson expects growth averaging around 3% in Utah assuming materials continue to be available for builders.

Construction firms and other industrial groups are continuing to invest in replacing fleets and converting them to alternative fuels. In short, Utah remains a safe haven economy with investment and development remaining a catalyst for other sectors. Last, concrete and cement remain one of the key sectors to alleviate the housing shortage, expand our roadways, and expand our tourism industry through the airport buildout.

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