Originally published by Utah Business on June 21, 2018  

Salt Lake City– Employers Council recently published two job compensation surveys, including the 2018 Utah Benchmark Compensation Survey and the Information Technology Compensation Survey. With the intent to help Utah organizations stay current and competitive with employee salaries, these surveys provide a thorough examination of state and regional salary policies, including base salaries, average percent pay increases and hiring rates.

“These two surveys are some of the many resources that Employers Council provides in order to provide employers with accurate and updated information on positions in their industries,” said Ryan Nelson, president of Employers Council’s Utah office. “In using these materials and data, employers and HR managers are better able to make appropriate decisions when dealing with matters of compensation within their companies and organizations.”

The comprehensive Utah Benchmark Compensation Survey provides salary benchmarks for positions of all kind, ranging from clerks to CEOs. The survey highlights that the average hiring wage for full-time, inexperienced entry-level personal is $14.28, up from the $13.81 rate recorded in 2017. However, the average salary increase for all Utah regions and organizations surveyed is not projected to change from the 3.1 percent documented in 2017.

The Information Technology Compensation Survey takes a deeper look into the technology industry in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Arizona, providing useful insights for tech company owners. The survey’s data reveals an industry average salary increase of 3.28 percent over the past year.

More than 400 positions were surveyed in the 2018 Benchmark Compensation Survey, with 16,718 Utah employees participating. Moreover, 410 participants were recorded in the 2018 Information Technology Compensation Survey, with 7,233 employees being reported.

“Our priority at Employers Council is to benefit not only employers, but also every individual employee in our community that contributes to the quality of the professional community and job market,” added Nelson. “We seek to distribute valuable information that, when absorbed and implemented by employers effectively, aids in supporting the growth and success of companies, and assists in providing more satisfactory compensation packages to the individual employee.”

For more information on becoming a member or purchasing the surveys, visit employerscouncil.org or call 801-364-8479.

Originally published by Utah Business on June 21, 2018