Survey examines data from Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming

Salt Lake City, January 31, 2019 – Utah’s Employers Council, a leader in human resource and employment law services for the business community, recently announced the results of its 2019 Paid Time Off Policies Survey.

The survey is designed to help Utah employers determine how their benefit offerings compare to the marketplace. The 2019 survey includes detailed information on topics such as holidays, unlimited paid time off, vacations, PTO plans, uninsured sick leave, FMLA, workers’ compensation and jury duty.

“Employers Council strives to provide the most current, relevant and helpful information to employers in Utah,” said Ryan D. Nelson, president of Employers Council’s Utah office. “Interestingly, this survey reveals that Utah employers are in line with Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming in regard to overall paid time off policies, though we do offer slightly less paid vacation and PTO days than our neighbors.”

Key findings from the survey include:

Paid Holidays: Avg. Number of Hours/Year:

  • Arizona: 70 hours
  • Colorado: 78 hours
  • Utah: 77 hours
  • Wyoming: 78 hours

Unlimited Paid Time Off/Vacation: Percentage of Organizations Offering:

  • Arizona: 5%
  • Colorado: 5%
  • Utah: 4%
  • Wyoming: 0%

Paid Vacation Days (Traditional policy):

  After 1 Year of
(Avg. # of days)
After 5 Years
of Service

(Avg. # of days)
After 10 Years
of Service
(Avg. # of days)
Arizona 11 days 15 days 17 days
Colorado 12 days 16 days 20 days
Utah 9 days 13 days 17 days
Wyoming 12 days 16 days 19 days

Paid Time Off (PTO) Plan (Bank of days for vacation, sick, etc.):

  After 1 Year
of Service
(Avg. # of days)
After 5 Years
of Service
(Avg. # of days)
After 10 Years
of Service
(Avg. # of days)
Arizona 13 days 18 days 21 days
Colorado 15 days 20 days 24 days
Utah 14 days 19 days 22 days
Wyoming 16 days 21 days 23 days

The survey includes responses from 44 participants in Arizona, 502 in Colorado, 90 in Utah, and 42 in Wyoming.  There are two separate geographic reports – one includes data for Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming participants and a second report is Utah participant data.

Employers Council regularly conducts community and industry roundtables to determine survey needs and holds annual briefing sessions to assist employers in understanding and applying survey data in the workplace. ​Employers Council surveys are easily accessible online to members and available for purchase now.

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