The following statistics are presented comparing June 2019 to June 2021.

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s nonfarm payroll employment for June 2021 increased an estimated 3.3% across the past 24 months, with the state’s economy both returning and adding a cumulative 51,300 jobs since June 2019. Utah’s current employment level stands at 1,603,500.

June’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate is estimated at 2.7%, with approximately 44,200 Utahns unemployed. Utah’s May unemployment rate is unchanged at 2.7%. The June national unemployment rate increased slightly to 5.9%.

“The summer months have brought a firm awakening to the Utah economy,” reported Mark Knold, Chief Economist at the Department of Workforce Services. “The two-year job growth measure increased from 2.3% in May 2021 to 3.3% in June 2021. A full percentage-point increase in essentially one month speaks to the rapid re-emergence of Utah’s economy, despite rumblings of labor shortages. The amount of job growth in the past month implies that, even with labor scarce, a decent amount of new labor has been found.”

Utah’s June private sector employment recorded a two-year expansion of 4.3%. Six of Utah’s 10 major private-sector industry groups posted net two-year job gains, led by Professional and Business Services (17,900 jobs); Trade, Transportation and Utilities (16,400 jobs); Construction (13,100 jobs); and Manufacturing (8,200 jobs). Four industry groups with less employment than two years ago are Leisure and Hospitality Services (-6,900 jobs); Other Services (-1,800); Natural Resources and Mining (-1,400 jobs); and Information (-800 jobs).

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Statistics generated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, D.C., modeled from monthly employer (employment) and household (unemployment) surveys.

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June 2021. Unemployment rates: Utah had a 2.7% unemployment rate, and the unemployment rate for the U.S. was at 5.9% in the month of June. The job growth rate for Utah was at 3.3% and the rate for the U.S. was at -3.4%. Workforce Services Research and Analysis.